Mokume Gane Ring - Tri-Colour and Sterling Silver, Narrow

SKU: 115-02-5.0HP


This ring has wonderful contrast and makes for an exquisite wedding band!

The pattern is created using Mokume Gane, which is a Japanese technique that produces a wood grain metal through the layering, twisting, carving, and flattening of the metal. 14 karat palladium white gold, 14 karat red gold (or rose gold) and sterling silver mokume, creates the outer band of this ring. A sterling silver band is inserted to create the inner band and then the outer and inner bands are soldered together to make one beautifully cohesive ring with a nearly invisible seam in the mokume. Each ring is made to order and will vary slightly in appearance from the picture shown.  If your ring size is not listed, please contact us.  Prices may vary for ring sizes not listed.

5.0mm wide
1.7mm thick

**Important information regarding high polish vs matte finish**
The high polish finish is very reflective and almost mirror like in the beginning. We photograph the rings on a white background in order to cut this glare so that you are more easily able to see the pattern. The high polish will initially "muddy" the colours or make them somewhat difficult to see, but with age and wear, the ring will dull down and the pattern will become more and more apparent. The matte finish allows the pattern to be seen right away. With regular wear in a year or so, both the matte finish and the high polish ring would look very much the same. As the matte finish ring comes into contact with surfaces it will naturally become more shinny and as the high polish ring comes into surfaces, it will naturally dull down. This ring becomes more and more beautiful with wear and time.

This ring will be custom made to your specifications and is non-returnable and non-exchangeable. Each ring is unique and the patterning will vary. Please verify all information prior to purchase.

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