Beautiful ring with a subtle interplay of shades of silver. Superb craftsmanship and artistry. Can't help glancing at it throughout the day. Thank you.
~Alexander N. (Wide, Sterling Silver and Palladium White Gold Mokume Gane Ring)

This is my first wedding ring and major jewelry investment and I could not be happier. Jonathan has proven to be very knowledgeable and always replies quickly. The ring itself is beautiful. He really put in a lot of time and it shows. I did not see any rings close to this quality in any shop and they were well over two or three times the price I paid here. I would happily recommend Jonathan to anyone and I will be back if I ever need more Mokume Gane work.
~Geo D. (Wide, Sterling Silver and Palladium White Gold Mokume Ring)

Comparing the quality of my ring to others I have seen in person, Jonathan stays true to the art. My rings shows absolutely no sign of seams, This is the most common flaw with other mokume vendors. This means no need for etching to mask imperfections. Check for yourself, just ask them to send you a picture of the seam as I did. If you are in the market for a mokume gane ring, there is no where else you can find this kind of workmanship for under $1500. My ring arrived with 6 days of order, this includes going through customs, manufacturing, holiday delays, and 2300 mile journey from middle of nowhere town in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada :) Jonathan kept me involved in every step of the process, taking the time to explain each stage. The quality and workmanship of Jonathan's work is incredible. From my extensive research, the only comparable vendors of Mokume Gane rings were in Japan. My Japanese friend and I held several conference calls with them trying to understand $1800 to $3000 premium they are charging and whether it was worth it. So here's the match: For a very similar ring, they use 3-4x more mokume gold, and charge $2200. In other words, where Jonathan uses silver, they use Palladium. The price of gold does not justify the dramatic increase in price. Similarly, the current value of the dollar vs. yen (~35% drop in past 5 yrs); buying from Japan does not make sense.
~Bahram S. (Wide Rose Gold and Sterling Silver Mokume Ring)

I bought two of these (one 5mm and one 4mm), to be wedding bands for my husband and me. They look amazing! They also came wrapped up in very cool jewelry boxes and are sized perfectly. We couldn't be happier!
~Art A. (Narrow, Sterling Silver and Palladium White Gold Mokume Gane Rings)

Beautiful workmanship! My husband had lost his original wedding band that was mokume gane. We've looked for an affordable replacement for a while, because we still wanted them to look alike. By lining with silver we got the look without the extreme expense. It's beautiful, well made and cost efficent. We are so grateful and we will come back again if needs
~Ava W. (Narrow, Trigold and Sterling Silver Mokume Gane Ring)