Mokume-Gane Accent Ring - 22kt and sterling silver

SKU: 82-01-5.0


This beautiful ring is created using sterling silver and 22 karat yellow gold. A unique ring which highlights the beauty of Mokume-Gane.

The pattern on the bar is created using Mokume-Gane, which is a Japanese technique that produces a wood grain metal through the layering, twisting, carving, and flattening of the metal. This sterling silver silver band is tapered from front to back and is topped with a beautiful bar of 22kt yellow gold and sterling silver Mokume-Gane.

Width at the front: 8.0mm
Width at the back: 5.0mm
Thickness: 1.8mm
Bar length: 20mm
Bar width: 7.0mm
Weight: 9.0gr

This ring will be custom made to your specifications and is non-returnable and non-exchangeable. Each ring is unique and the patterning will vary. Please verify all information prior to purchase.

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