Bullet Shell Lighter, large

SKU: 130-02


Available in two sizes:
Large 50 caliber shell lighter

Each are made with three brass shells. One for the main body, one holds the wick and one for the cap.

Lighter includes flint, wick and wicking cotton installed. Does not include lighter fluid.

This hand made lighter has been designed and hand crafted by Jonathan Corey, www.masterworksjewellery.com and can be shipped anywhere in North America. This is a coffee table, fireplace mantel lighter. Hand made using spent bullet shells and has never been lit. This brand new Zippo style lighter is inspired by the trench lighters soldiers made during the world wars. All you need to do is add lighter fluid. The flint and wick are replaceable and the lighter can be refilled over and over. The main body of this lighter is a 50 caliber shell. Gently pull off the snug fitting cap and light. The finish is semi polished. 

How to fill with lighter fluid:
Use your fingers to pinch the wick and pull the wick holder out, so as not to pull the wick through the wick holder. Fill with lighter fluid and push the wick holder back in place. Trim wick if necessary.

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